Sessions d'été d'Amanda & Keith Adams - Saint-Antoine/Isère/France 
Un certain nombre de personnes m'ont demandé si j'allais assister aux cours donnés par les Adams cet été.
La réponse est oui, même si je jouerai sans doute l'électron libre, je serai à Saint-Antoine l'Abbaye pour le cours sur la décoration franco-saxonne (miam!).

Pour voir toutes les sessions proposées, c'est ici
Et pour plus de renseignements sur le lieu, c'est
Ben - since he read your e-mail, even Keith is saying "Anglo-Saxon", but the subject is FRANCO-Saxon decoration...
Here is a caption I wrote to the above image for the woman who is organizing the American course:

"Here is an example from the Second Bible of Charles the Bald - It has all the principal characteristics of the Franco-Saxon style:
Beautiful formal Roman display letters, Large initials in gold appearing to be inlaid in "enamelwork" -like celtic interlace and other elements, elegant so-called "artifical" uncials titling and versals, and a beautiful carolingian text script.
I am also very intrigued by the graffitti-like arrow-tipped E (there are whole words written like this in the manuscript)."

I neglected to mention the animal-headed terminals (I can't see this image well enough to tell whether there are any here or not).

Anyway, I don't think I propose presenting the Carolingian script during the Franco-Saxon course, as nearly everyone will have done it already. I figured the "Artificial" Uncials would be difficult enough.

I am so glad you have a blog! Congratulations!
Administrator (Anachropsy) 
Oups, let me correct that immediately.
Thanks for the notice


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