La cité 
J'ai une vie de fou en ce moment, le temps de rien, pour vous faire patienter en attendant mieux, voici une photo de la dernière composition entamée.

Un début à base de gaufrage, il y aura sans doute des filigranes par la suite ... comme d'habitude :-)
J'ai apporté une nouveauté dans le gaufrage, je vous en reparlerai dès que j'aurai un peu de temps.
Amanda Adams 
And what city is it? Because that might make all the difference...
It's going to be great - something modern, and very much yours; but reminding me of the map (not going to go look for it) in the Neugebauer.
Well. I guess I'll have to wait!
I hope we will come to the End of the Earth this summer and pick up the piece Keith bought, because you aren't delivering it efficiently enough! (Unless you deliver it to Saint-Antoine? The daughters hope you might, too. But we understand how busy you are.)
Administrator (Anachropsy) 
It is of course the city I live in.
Not too big so it didn't take too long to emboss and large enough to have different volumes that makes it interesting.
I will definitively not come to St Antoine this summer; I wish I could but I don't have any vacations :-(
Amanda Adams 
I'm glad it's not a piece of Paris, or anything similar. Imagine how dull many American cities would be with their regular grids.
I look forward to seeing the ultimate result!


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