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Je vous livre quelques essais de remplissage d'un rectangle par des filigranes, essais motivés par un projet en cours.

Aucun de ces essais n'est vraiment concluant, le rapport hauteur/largeur rend les choses difficiles. Je vais peut-être laisser tomber les brouillons et y aller directement sur le support final en espérant que l'inspiration sera au rendez-vous...
Hi, Ben -
I think I like the bottom left one, because it is intriguing and different to see the flexible "golf clubs" confined in the pattern of regular square panels. And I'd like the top right-hand one if you exaggerated the spiral, paisley-like quality. Both these are less usual that what I often see of yours in this area of filigrane.
It's agreeable, even in a small panel to have enough space for a repetition of an element; so that the eye's bewilderment by the filigrane (which always occurs) can find some rest in SOME repeated pattern. Some quality of decipherment, even if only a first-order one, rather than of the whole system.
So that's my preference, and my subsequent analysis of it. (Also SOME disciplined form shows off your skill. Not just to fill a small space, but to do so in a clever way. But not too clever for even the first-time viewer to detect it!)
Bises! Et à Anne aussi!


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